Thursday, November 29, 2012


Thanks to Influenster, I just found out about a fun language program called DinoLingo.

It appears to be for the younger set, toddlers and preschoolers, maybe early elementary, and I'm not sure if they have levels or not. Their YouTube channel has a ton of previews on it; there are a lot of languages available! I'm most interested in the Spanish, Latin, and German ones for foreign language. The English ones strike me as a good vocabulary builder for the *really* small ones, and would probably be at least some benefit to any kiddo who is a little behind in speaking.

Their Pinterest has a wealth of fun foreign studies ideas as well! The pin boards are separated by language and there are cultural, food, clothing, all sorts of things to look at and see on each board. I pinned a ton of stuff from the German board because that is hubby's heritage and we would love to do a German study!

There's even Hebrew and Greek!

The website has free sample lessons as well. I'm going to spend more time checking these out! Even if I qualify through Influenster, this might be a set we'd be interested in purchasing more than one set of. The twins both sat here and watched sample video after sample video - even though they were mostly the same thing in different languages. They love it already!

Headed to learn more! Do you teach a foreign language? Think you don't have time? A dvd program might be your answer!