Thursday, November 29, 2012

MailPix Photo Gifts

I had the privilege of receiving a credit from MailPix to pick out anything I wanted to order, for the purposes of review. I was so excited, because the credit was quite a generous one and I was able to take care of several loved ones on our gift list this year. What an incredible blessing!

I was doubly excited to find that this company has a “Deals!” page that changes periodically, where you can find some fantastic buys on excellent photo gifts. When I first checked the site, the great offer I saw was 100 4x6 prints for $1.00!! That's right – a penny a print! I messed around long enough that I didn't get to get in on that deal, but was thankful to see that as a new customer – and right now as of this writing you can still receive – I was able to get those first 100 4x6 prints for absolutely free!

Not only did I get those 100 prints, but quite a few more – I'm actually not sure if I received 250 prints total, 100 of which were free, or if this big stack is actually my 100 free ones plus 250 that I paid for at a great rate of 10c/print. Either way, it's a great deal!

I couldn't help but order something for myself as well, and I've needed a new mouse pad for quite a while now. It's thinner than my current one, but I like thinner pads. It's also quite a bit larger than my current one, which I love!! Aren't my twins the cutest? The quality of the picture itself is really great as well. I'm glad I didn't use the picture where the twins' mouths were covered in sucker stuff like I almost did, because it would really have made it look dirty when it was just part of (my bad) picture itself.

I also received and will give as gifts the following:

A photo puzzle, complete in a gift tin with picture on top. I was able to pick my picture, upload at a higher resolution, and personalize it with the lettering. There were a ton of options for customizing, through PicMonkey! This gift will be for my mother-in-law who loves doing puzzles.

A photo mug, which I was able to personalize with layout (including more than one photo as an option), background, and text. They have two sizes available and we picked the smaller one, and sent it securely inside its own molded foam box that was in the bigger box with the rest of the items. This is for my step-father-in-law, a coffee drinker.

A blanket, which, like the puzzle, I was able to customize using PicMonkey. The blanket was thinner than I'd hoped and assumed, so I'm not sure it's going to be super useful as a “keep me warm” type of thing as-is. It would be easy to get a large piece of flannel and sew onto the back of it to make it workable that way, though, and I may or may not try to do that. Depends mostly on my time and if I can get the resources to obtain the fabric. I know my dad, who will be receiving this blanket, will love it either way!

It rolls up and comes with a case
for gift-giving ease.

The one I'm most excited about though is what I'm going to give my mother. (If you're reading this, Mom, stop here!!! Go away!! Love you... but don't want to ruin this exciting surprise!)

My dad always prays out loud before meals where we are all gathered, and part of his prayer has always been, “Bless this food and the hands that prepared it.” I laughed at him a few years ago, quipping, “Only their hands?” For a while he changed it, “bless those that prepared it,” but he's gone back to blessing hands again. That's what gave the the idea for this gift!

It's a glass cutting board with a picture of my kids' hands! Then I PicMonkey'd it via the MailPix site and added the “Bless the Hands” quote. I think they both – Mom and Dad – will get a kick out of this gift. The cutting board itself is smaller than I'd thought, but I just hadn't looked at the dimensions. It's got rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding, and it was packed and protected for shipping very, very well. (I was impressed, actually.) Now, any time Mom prepares a meal and uses this cutting board for veggies, cheese, or whatever, Dad's prayer for “bless the hands” will cover my kids too. (Teehehe!)

All in all, I have been very pleased with MailPix. The prints I received are of great quality, all the gifts are great and of good quality, everything was shipped in a timely manner and packed safely, they were generous right from the get-go with their review offer, and they have some fantastic deals on the site. It was easy to use, even when I had to go through and delete about 30 pictures I'd accidentally uploaded twice, and I have absolutely no complaints.

What's more, MailPix has offered a giveaway! They asked me to choose, but I think I'd rather hear from you as to what you'd like to receive from them. You can see the gift ideas here, and there are prints available as well; they will award a gift certificate in the amount of your desired prize. Please leave your request in the comments section below, and best wishes on the giveaway! Enter below.
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