Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What They Like

Each of my children's personalities is different, and getting to know them has been one of the best and biggest joys and privileges of staying home with them and living a homeschooling lifestyle. As we think about gift giving this year, using an Amazon gift certificate and hoping for some shopping soon, the kids are being no help whatsoever in gift ideas! Nothing, no ideas from them, whatsoever. (Oh, the horrors of going without  television, eh? HA!)

So I've been thinking, as I've had them do, about what each of them really enjoys. What I can do for each of them that they would really like, and what toys or items they would really treasure.

Drew and Brandon both really enjoy building with Legos. They're a headache for me sometimes when they are left out, but this is one thing I don't mind spending a little money on because I know they will be well-played with and not just sit on a shelf to collect dust.

 Caleb loves his family, his mama especially! He's always been one to point out pictures and name everyone. I know he's a little young for a picture gift, but I can't help but think he'd like one. Maybe he'd also love something to do with animal families. I bet he'd totally "get" that! Lynndi truly is my princess, and loves anything pretty, anything girly. Don't get me wrong, she'll get down and play in the dirt too, but she definitely has an affinity for anything shiney. It won't be hard to shop for her; not at all. ;-)

Christian is more difficult, but he's just entering that stage I suppose. He's a teenage boy! What's a mom to do??? He does like music, and he does like video games and has a few special interests that will always be a hit. Thankfully, he has an interest in some of the same things I do I think it will be fun to pick some things for him as well.

Looking forward to some fun gift giving this year! What are you excited to find as you shop?